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7 Dishes
A (7 dishes)

wheat-flavored shrimp,fried chicken wings

chives(leek ) omelet,pork with scallions

braised tofu with tender, dried shrimps cole

carp braised

Seaweed soup ribs,Assorted fresh fruits platter

B (7 dishes)

Salt and Pepper Shrimp Sam Sun Tofu,

Braised Pork and Egg, garlic fried pork


Braised Carp in brown sauce, fried chinese vegetable

Shredded Pork with Pickled Vegetable Soup

Assorted fresh fruits platter

C (7 dishes)

Brine shrimp stewed beef brisket with Potatoes,

Scallion Chicken, farm Toufu

seaweed soup ribs,Braised Carp in brown sause

fried chinese vegetable

Wonton Soup,Assorted fresh fruits platter

6 Dishes
A (6 dishes)

dongpo pork Fried chicken wings Thai omelet

Beef Casserole Dried shrimps fried rapeseed

Steamed perch

thick beef soup Assorted fresh fruits platter

B (6 dishes)

garlic fried pork Stewed beef ball in with Toufu

fried mix vegetables Fried saury

Steam Crab and Toufu

fried three kinds peanut

Toufu and Sea Miscellaneous soup

Assorted fresh fruits platter

C (6 dishes)

Seaweed and fish filet in brown sauce

Beef with iron plateSteamed tofu sauerkraut

fried eggs fish in brown sauce

fried Broccoli and chineses fungus

Chinese hot and sour soup

Assorted fresh fruits platter

5 Dishes
A (5 dishes)

Stewed pork ball in brown sauce Scallion chicken

Gongbao TOUFU Steam fish filet

Boiled lettuce

Dried Shrimps and Winter melon Soup

Assorted fresh fruits platter

B (5 dishes)

double-cooked pork slices Spicy chicken wings

Crab meat with TOUFU Stewed perch with scallion oil

Broccoli with oyster sausc

Tomatoes and red laver soup

Assorted fresh fruits platter

C (5 dishes)

Yu-Shiang pork,Chincken with iron plate

Salt and pepper fish fillets Homemade tofu

Fried assorted vegetables ,

Pickle Pork soup,Assorted fresh fruits platter


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